Announcing Experimental Multi-Platform Support for the Stream Flutter SDK

·Updated Jun 14, 2021

·Published Oct 30, 2020

Deven J.

Stream is always looking out for the next big thing in developer tools to build new applications. React Native was one of the first mobile development framework supported by our SDKs and is still going strong. We announced support for Dart/Flutter in February of 2020. Flutter has been one of our fastest-growing integrations since - and we’re happy to announce new things coming to the Flutter integration today.

Multi-Platform Support on Flutter

We’re excited to announce experimental support for the full suite of platforms for the Stream Flutter SDK: macOS, Web, Windows, and Linux are now supported alongside the original Android and iOS platforms. This makes the Stream Chat Flutter SDK available to use easily across platforms and goes hand-in-hand with the Flutter SDK's single codebase approach.

While this is still experimental support and some features are still not supported, progress is ongoing, and we hope to have stable builds soon.

Below are a few screenshots from multiple platforms:







What the Team Says

Here are quotes from our team who built the Flutter and Dart SDK:

“Building the package has been a great challenge - but I really like working with the Flutter framework, and I think a Flutter SDK is a must-have for a company like Stream that wants to keep up with the latest tools. As a Flutter dev, I've always tried to contribute to the community, and I think this SDK, combined with the Stream Chat service, will help create great apps in no time.”

“Flutter offers flexibility like no other framework – not just being multiplatform but also in the sense that the Stream SDK is easy to handle even when dealing with various OSes. We were pleasantly surprised at how well newly introduced macOS platforms performed even when at a beginning stage. We’re looking to see how we can make even better things going ahead.“

Plans for the Flutter SDK

We are also ramping up our Flutter effort to better tackle the growing user base of the Flutter packages. Currently, in the process of increasing team size, we hope to have ever-increasing quality and ease-of-use in the Flutter SDK integration for Stream. Full-fledged multi-platform examples and more Flutter specific articles are in the works and will be coming soon.