Build Vikings Feb 2022 Winners 🎉

Nash R.
Gordon H.
Nash R. & Gordon H.
Published February 9, 2022 Updated February 10, 2022

As avid open-source Flutter developers, the Stream team was in full attendance at this year's Flutter Vikings conference.

Similar to our previous participation at Flutter Vikings, the team decided to host a codelab and hackathon for the event.

For this year's codelab, entrants were required to create a chat application with custom stickers and animations. A daunting task!

We were blown away by all of the community entrants and the feedback we got. We want to thank everyone that participated. Be sure to keep an eye out for future Stream competitions and events.

If you're interested in learning how to create your own chat application with animated stickers and reactions, check out our codelab, which walks you through the entire process. Or take a look at our Flutter tutorial for more information.

The Winners 🎉

To enter the competition, entrants had to:

  1. Complete the codelab
  2. Add/create their own stickers
  3. Tweet a demo video to @getstream_io, @rive_app, and @FlutterVikings, with the #BuildVikings hashtag.

From all the entrants, we randomly picked two winners that will get a pair of Bose headphones.

Oluseye Obitola 🎖️

Oluseye created an interactive messaging application using open-source e-commerce stickers for his chat. Congratulations Oluseye!

Ikay 🎖️

Ikay took his existing chat app and added these awesome animations. Congratulations Ikay and we hope to see your chat app expand.

Honorable Mentions 🙌

Souvik Biswas

Souvik stole our hearts by showing us a really creative animation using the Stream logo. As well as demoing the entire creation using Rive.

Rodrigo Vasques

The cutest animations by far, we really enjoyed Rodrigo’s submission and are looking forward to what he creates in the future.

Isaac Maldonado

A really creative submission, showing us a conversation happening in Middle-earth between Tom Bombadil and Frodo Baggins. Cleverly using walk animations.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who participated this year. We look forward to meeting everyone later this year at the in-person event 😉.

Nash and Gordon