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Video and Audio SDK

JavaScript SDK for Video & Audio

The JavaScript SDK for Video & Audio provides the foundation for fast integration of live streaming, audio calling, and video calling within your application. Build your own custom UI on top of our low-level APIs for maximal control. The SDK is platform-agnostic and works well with Angular, Vue, and many others.

example of javascript video and audio sdk

JavaScript SDK Tutorials

Start coding here, with everything you need to get up and running fast with a functioning Video & Audio implementation. From there, the sky's the limit when it comes to customization.

Build your first Vanilla-JS video calling application on top of standard browser APIs.

Bring audio room experiences like Twitter Spaces or Clubhouse to life with this Unity SDK tutorial.

Create a live streaming UX like Twitch, with steps to build an app for hosts and another for viewers.

Key Javascript Benefits

Tap into these powerful Video & Audio API features with ease using the JavaScript SDK.

Out-of-the-Box Support

  • Seamless Integration with any JS UI Library or Platform
  • Group Meetings
  • Ringing & Calling
  • Audio Rooms
  • Live Streaming & Broadcasting
  • Screen Sharing
  • Recording
  • Reactions & Custom Events
  • Notifications
  • Video Quality Optimization for Network and Screen Size
  • Smooth Transition Between Networks (WiFi to 5G)
  • Call Thumbnails
  • Device Management (Mic, Camera, Speakers)
  • Permission & Moderation
  • Audio & Video Filters
  • Call Performance & Statistics


  • Invitations to a Call
  • Audio and Video Filters
  • Integration with Stream Chat
  • Custom Events
  • Reactions
  • Broadcasting & Recording

Unity SDK Features

  • Dynascale
  • Edge Network
  • Screensharing
  • Livestreaming
  • Audio Rooms, Large Calls
  • Client-Side Call Statistics
  • Reliable Calls & Call Recovery
  • Optimized Audio
  • Recording
  • Backstage Mode
  • Custom Events
  • Active Speaker
  • Geofencing
  • UI Components
  • Webhooks/SQS
  • Permission System

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