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Video and Audio SDK

React Native SDK for Video & Audio

Stream's React Native SDK for Video & Audio is your complete set of tools to build in-app calling, live streaming, and audio room experiences that rival today’s most beloved platforms. The included UI components allow an extraordinary degree of customization while providing a consistent, familiar, and intuitive UX. You can also build your own UI on top of our lower-level client where desired.

example of react native video and audio sdk

React Native SDK Tutorials

These tutorials are the best place to start coding and get familiar with the React Native SDK. Your first video call, live stream, or audio room implementation is only a few simple steps away.

Give users familiar and engaging features to make video calls with a UX similar to Zoom or Facetime.

Use intuitive React Native components to bring an audio room experience like Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces to life.

Let users create and watch live streaming video content, just like they would on Twitch or Instagram Live.

Key React Native SDK Benefits

Leverage these powerful Video & Audio API features with ease via the React Native frontend SDK.

Out-of-the-Box Support

  • Video Client & Authentication
  • Join & Create Calls
  • Call & Participant State
  • Device Management (Camera & Microphone)
  • 4 Default Call Types
  • Query Active & Upcoming Calls
  • Maintain Calls in the Background
  • Manage Native Permissions
  • User & Moderator Permissions
  • Reactions & Custom Events
  • Participant Sorting

UI Components

  • Calling Screens
  • Common Call Controls
  • Call Participants List
  • Call Header Component
  • Incoming Call Screen
  • Lobby / Join Call Screen
  • Outgoing Call Screen
  • Floating View of Caller
  • Full-Screen View of Call Recipient
  • Screen Sharing
  • User Avatars


  • Internationalization
  • Chat Integration
  • Client and Call Events
  • Push Notifications & Ringing Calls
  • Recording
  • Broadcasting
  • Deep Linking
  • Picture in Picture
  • Screen Sharing

React Native SDK Features

  • Dynascale
  • Edge Network
  • Screensharing
  • Livestreaming
  • Audio Rooms, Large Calls
  • Client-Side Call Statistics
  • Reliable Calls & Call Recovery
  • Optimized Audio
  • Recording
  • Backstage Mode
  • Custom Events
  • Active Speaker
  • Geofencing
  • UI Components
  • Webhooks/SQS
  • Permission System

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