React Native Components for Building Activity Feeds with Stream

Easy to use UI components with built-in support for Open Graph scraping, #hashtags, @mentions, likes, comments, file uploads and realtime; empowering you to quickly launch engaging activity feeds and notification feeds with React Native.

Features of Stream React

Easily integrate UX best practices with our fully extendable UI Components

Built upon best practices for user experience, Stream’s UI Components are designed to provide highly functional and data rich activity feeds, notification feeds, and user profiles.

Quick start your project but keep full control over the UI.

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#Hashtags and @Mentions made simple

Enhance discovery and encourage new conversations across an entire app. Hashtags and @mentions are both great ways to increase engagement on the feed.

Built-in Realtime

Provide instant feedback to the user when content in the feed changes. This is particularly helpful if people are having a conversation or monitoring a live event.

Likes, Comments and other Reactions

Built with the user experience in mind, our solution supports likes, comments, shares, and other forms of reactions (and their count totals) out of the box.

Enrich and Expand URL Automagically

Users expect to see the title, description, and image for links referenced in the post. Our built-in enrichment via open graph scraping allows users to interact and share content-rich URLs, rather than just clicking on them.

File Uploads

With a couple clicks or taps, users can easily upload rich media such as photos, videos or even PDFs to the feed.

Build any feed with Stream

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Stream Features
timeline Created with Sketch.
Activity Feeds

Building chronologically feeds that are sorted activities from the topics or people you follow is eass with Stream React Native Components, powered by Stream API.

ranked Created with Sketch.
Ranked Feeds

Take control over how the activities in your feed are sorted. Ranking activities is a great way to improve engagement.

aggregated Created with Sketch.
Aggregated feeds

Aggregation enables you to group activities together based on rules you define. Keep your feed relevant when there is a lot of activity to show.

alarm Created with Sketch.
Notification Feeds

Notification feeds add include “seen” or “read” states to the activities. Commonly used with Aggregation to build complex notification systems.

Preview of what is coming

More Front End Components

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Try Stream for yourself

Stream is an API for building scalable news feeds and activity streams. Try it out in this 5 minute interactive tutorial. To run the examples you'll need an API key. Register to continue...

Try the API Only takes 5 mins!
var client = stream.connect('GET YOUR KEY', null, '11893');
var ericFeed = client.feed('user', 'eric', 'MNZtwnaASNqVjnvyEG3AORTZQhk');
// Add the activity to the feed
  actor: 'eric',
  tweet: 'Hello world',
  verb: 'tweet',
  object: 1

Flexible Implementation

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