Virtual Event Chat Kit

Give attendees the space to trade big ideas and forge lasting connections, with thoughtful chat experiences across your event platform.

Virtual Event Chat Kit

100+ polished screens coalesce into mapped-out flows so you and your team can jump into Figma and create your own custom event chat faster than ever.

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Figma, 280MB

Our chat design and thread replies are frequently cited by users as one reason they love Run The World. Simple and elegant solutions like this create a sense of community and togetherness at events on our platform.

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Hannah Shen

Partnerships Manager, Run The World

Virtual Event Chat Sample App

Developers: This fully functional sample app is yours to explore, borrow, and modify as desired. The chat framework is built to spec from the Design System kit for a cohesive, feature-rich chat experience from end to end.

React Developer

Grant Steinke

Stream’s SDKs provide out of the box functionality and customization that cut development time meaningfully without sacrificing on design or interactability.
Free for Makers

Free for Makers

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Create your free Stream account to try out all our Chat product has to offer. No commitment or credit card required. If you want a custom plan or have questions, we are eager to talk with you.

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