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The Stream activity feed API + Ruby are the go-to solution for developers building social feeds! Stream for Ruby client on Github. Speed up your app development with feeds as a service.

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Stream is the fastest feed service
Stream is used for social media companies that need feeds that scale
Stream is the fastest feed service

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Build Social Media Networking Apps with Ruby

Looking to clone the functionality of Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with Ruby? The Stream API handles the technology for the feed and keeps you fully in control over the user experience and design.

Use Ruby and Stream to build Aggregated Feeds, Ranked Feeds and notification systems. Stream's feed specific analytics and personalization all help you improve your social app's engagement, retention and conversion.

Working with the Stream API in the Ruby language

Ruby is a mature and widely used general-purpose programming language. It’s considered flexible yet practical thanks to it’s dynamic typing, memory management, and support for both functional and object oriented programming.

Under active development since 1993, the initial aim for Ruby was to be “more powerful than Perl, and more object-oriented than Python2”. It saw rapid adoption amongst web developers and tech startups during the mid-2000s thanks to the development of the Ruby on Rails and later Sinatra web frameworks. It was also the first language supported by Heroku, the popular platform-as-a-service. As a result, Ruby is found itself at the heart of many of the most successful web and mobile tech applications of the past 15 years.

Ruby remains a popular choice today. The language is widely taught in universities and coding schools. Projects can be kickstarted quickly thanks to the one hundred thousand-plus packages that are available in the repository. Heroku for Ruby continues to be a popular for hosting while AWS and Google Cloud Platform are also perfectly suitable.

Getting started: open source API Client

Our Client API for Ruby is stream-ruby.

Continuous integration is via Travis and we publish to . Contributions in the form of issues, feature suggestions and pull requests are most welcome.

We also have a high-level framework integration for Ruby on Rails.

API for Feeds

Stream is an API for building scalable news feeds and activity streams. Try it out in this 5 minute interactive tutorial. To run the examples you'll need an API key. Register to continue...

var client = stream.connect('GET YOUR KEY');
var chrisFeed = client.feed('user', 'chris');
// Add the activity to the feed
actor: 'chris',
verb: 'add',
object: picture:10,
message: 'Working on improving the user experience of the Stream Dashboard...'
Flexible Implementation
Implement with Ruby or many other languages and platforms