Build an App Similar to iMessage with Stream’s React Native SDK and

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Stream sponsored’s latest React Native tutorial on YouTube. Check it out for inspiration before building your iMessage clone.

Kimmy L.
Kimmy L.
Published July 13, 2023

First, sign up for your free 30-day trial with Stream. Then, you can follow along with's user-friendly tutorial on designing a real-time chat app that closely resembles iMessage with plenty of room for customization, thanks to our flexible UI kits.

Low latency is one of the key features of a messaging app. Stream's Chat API relies on a global Edge infrastructure to ensure that the remote messaging experience is never interrupted, no matter the quality of users' internet connection or geolocation. Our APIs and SDKs can send and receive messages instantly, update message status, and handle typing indicators.

Once you've implemented the core features, it's crucial to thoroughly test the app to ensure everything works as expected. The tutorial will cover different test scenarios, including sending and receiving messages, handling multiple users, and managing user presence.

And that's it! By the end of's tutorial, you will have built a cross-functional iMessage clone and gained valuable knowledge and experience building chat apps with React Native chat SDK.

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