Announcing the React Native Activity Feeds SDK

Vishal N.
Vishal N.
Published January 15, 2021 Updated June 14, 2021

We are happy to announce the public v1.0 release of our React Native SDK for Activity Feeds. This release provides support for the latest Expo 40 and React Native 0.63.


We decided to move away from Flow types due to the challenges we faced in maintaining them. We have replaced them with traditional PropType. In the future, we will be moving all our Javascript based SDKs to typescript, similar to our React Native Chat SDK

With the release of all high-end camera phones, users' average image size for sharing is going up. And because of this, image upload time also goes up. Thus we have introduced an option for compressing images before uploading them.

In the v0.x version, we were dependent on the react-native-image-picker library to handle image picker functionality. But it didn’t allow an option for compression. So we decided to move to react-native-image-crop-picker instead, which is way more feature-rich. Please check out this short doc on how to implement.

Complete Release Notes

Here is the list of complete release notes for v1.0 on our GitHub repository.

Please don’t forget to check out our open-source mobile application built using React Native, and react-native-activity-feed

Final Thoughts

If you are using react-native-activity-feed or expo-activity-feed package in your project, we highly recommend you upgrade to v1.0 to receive more fixes and features. We hope that you enjoy our latest release of our React Native SDK as much as we do. Happy coding!

Thanks, and happy coding!

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