Auto Moderation:
Your Trust & Safety

Find, monitor, and resolve harmful content with minimal effort, maximum coverage, and AI-driven message flagging — no additional integration required. Stream Automated Moderation adapts to your community’s context and expectations with powerful machine learning models and configurable policies.

Why Stream Auto Moderation
No Integration Necessary

Automated Moderation comes ready to deploy, with no additional coding or integration work required. Your team saves time and engineering resources to invest in additional roadmap areas at maximum velocity.

Enterprise Scale & Performance

Cutting-edge AI and machine learning models combine with Stream’s enterprise-scale global infrastructure to ensure a seamless experience with extremely low latency for billions of end users.

Behavioral Nudge Moderation

Remind users about community standards in real time, before a questionable message is sent. AI-driven prompts and warnings give users ownership over their actions and reduce the volume of content flagged for manual review.

Moderator-Centric Tooling

Moderation team members save time and avoid context switching, with a single pane of glass to review flagged content, take appropriate action, and stay on top of evolving situations.

Automated Content Flagging

Auto-flagged messages help your moderation team find prohibited content faster. Easily adjust auto-flagging parameters to meet your needs.

User Intent Recognition

Even good users make mistakes — Auto Moderation helps guide and inform them without discouraging engagement, while true bad actors get blocked, banned, suspended, or muted as necessary.

Try Stream Auto Moderation

Automated Moderation is now available for existing Enterprise Chat customers. Contact us to learn more about future availability.

Designed For Enterprise Trust & Safety Teams

Stream Automated Moderation was created with Trust & Safety teams, moderators, and community managers in mind. We developed our platform with the goal of enabling human moderators to scale effectively, without getting bogged down in repetitive tasks.

Our Auto Moderation solution works with any type of app in real time, and can automatically discover new varieties of harmful content as they emerge, before your users start reporting them.

  • Centralized moderation dashboard
  • Adaptable machine learning models
  • Enterprise-scale infrastructure
  • No additional integration work required
  • Context-aware automation

Start Identifying Harmful Behaviors In Real Time

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Next Steps

At launch, we’re offering Auto Moderation to our Enterprise Chat customer base only, but we’re very interested in hearing from anyone who would like to improve their content moderation efforts with Stream. Please contact us to learn more.

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