Stream 💙 Flutter Vikings

Flutter Vikings

Welcome Flutter developers! We are thrilled to help bring Flutter Vikings to everyone and help developers share and learn new things.

To celebrate, we are announcing Build Viking, a week-long Flutter hackathon sponsored by Stream.

What is Build Viking 🤔

Build Viking is a week-long Flutter hackathon which gives developers the freedom to create whatever their heart desires. It is an opportunity for developers to showcase their creativity by building innovative apps, websites, or desktop applications in Flutter.

Developers are encouraged to use whatever services they like. These can be anything from design tools like Rive or cloud services such as Firebase.

Rules 🧬

During submissions, an API key for any third-party services must be provided for judging purposes.

  • Submissions must be themed Vikings and created using Flutter
  • Code must be open source
  • Submissions should include a screen or short video of the running application

Submission 🔗

Submissions for build Vikings close on midnight Sunday, 22nd November 2020 UTC. Submit your submission here.

The Winners will be announced on Tuesday, 24th November 2020, via Stream and Flutter Vikings Twitter account.

Here at Stream, we strive to engage and work with our community. In addition to our hackathon, we are also providing developers with a Stream Chat codelab. Judging will be done by a panel consisting of Flutter Viking program committee members and Stream Developer Advocates.

We can't wait to see what you build. Share your creations on Twitter using the #BuildViking and mention our the Stream Twitter account @getstream_io!