Stream Beta & Techstars NY

Tommaso B.
Tommaso B.
Published February 3, 2015 Updated October 9, 2019

Thank you for all your feedback during the Beta period. We're happy about the stability, feature set and documentation and are officially going to remove the beta sticker.

Furthermore we're excited to announce that Stream is participating in Techstars NY. One of the world's largest business accelerators is helping us grow and scale the product.

We've released 4 new features to support our larger users. First of all, you can now import data via the json format. Secondly we've created a flow for following many users at once. This is often useful for the onboarding experience in your app. Third, you can now broadcast an activity to multiple feeds at once. Fourth we're allowing you to listen to feed changes using webhooks and SQS queues. These hooks can be used to for instance send push notifications to your users.

As always feel free to get in touch with support if you run into any issues. Also, if you're in NY, give a shout and we'll grab a drink.

Thanks for beta testing!