New Chat Feature: Query Members

Tess G.
Tess G.
Published June 23, 2020 Updated March 20, 2023

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Stream Chat Continues to Support Massive Scale with a New Feature: Query Members

Stream’s Chat product has rolled out a new feature to further support channels with large numbers of members: the queryMembers endpoint. It is crucial to have the ability to access ID’s and information on each individual within channels containing hundreds (or thousands) of members so that everyone is organized and supported. This feature allows for more comprehensive member-lists for channels containing high numbers of users.

The queryMembers endpoint queries the channel members and allows the user to paginate through a full list of users in large channels. The endpoint supports filtering on numerous criteria to return member information efficiently.

With this new element to Stream Chat, features including read receipts and @mentions can now handle large channels. Historically, these features were disabled on channels with member counts above 100.

Stream’s efficient and robust API does not impose hard limits on the number of users per channel, while some of its competitors, including SendBird, do. This new endpoint further builds on Stream’s benefit because not only is there no rule against how many members can be in a channel, but the features that were missing in the past due to high member counts are now possible regardless of channel size.

The new API endpoint is currently being incorporated into the SDK’s, so these features will be live right out of the box with Stream’s pre-built UI components.