Introducing the Stream SwiftUI SDK


Today, Stream is excited to introduce the SwiftUI SDK to our growing list of supported platforms.

Introducing the SwiftUI SDK

Stream’s SwiftUI SDK gives iOS developers simplified access to all of Stream’s in-app chat API features, making it even easier for teams to iterate on designs and achieve their goals while writing less code.

You can integrate our SDK into any new or existing iOS application, complete with all the features necessary to build a fully-functioning chat app and no need for additional development work outside of SwiftUI.

Want to see how easy it is to use our SwiftUI SDK? Check out the new SwiftUI Chat App tutorial to get started.

Stream SwiftUI Components

You can customize our SwiftUI components to align with your app's preferred look and feel, or mix and match your custom components with our own if you want more control.

Whether you need to tweak a component or two or you want to control every aspect of your chat experience, our SwiftUI SDK has you covered.

Still using UIKit? No worries. Stream still supports and regularly updates UIKit.

Easy Integration and Flexibility

We built the SwiftUI SDK on our existing lower-level iOS SDK with seamless integration and flexibility in mind.

Right from the start, you will get support for real-time event handling, offline support, optimistic UI updates, push notifications, and more.

For an under-the-hood look at what the SwiftUI SDK has to offer, be sure to check out the SwiftUI SDK documentation.

Get Started With the Stream Chat SwiftUI SDK Today

You can get started with the SwiftUI Chat SDK by checking out the SwiftUI Chat Tutorial. Like all our SDKs, the SwiftUI SDK is open source. Visit our GitHub repository to see the SDK’s implementation in all of its detail.

If you have any feedback, feature requests, or want to report issues, feel free to reach out through Twitter or Github.

We think SwiftUI is the future of iOS UI development and look forward to what you can build. Tag us on Twitter @getstream_io to show us the cool things you are working on!