How To Build a Notification Feed using Stream

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Tommaso B.
Tommaso B.
Published March 6, 2015 Updated August 19, 2019

Quick How-To For Building a Notification Feed Using Stream

## How to build a notification feed using Stream

### Introduction
In this tutorial we are going to show how easy it is to build a notification feed using First of all, let's quickly introduce you to our fictional example app. It's called and allows you interact with your friends, ping them, follow them or poke them. Here's a quick list of example interactions:

 * poke another user (eg. Thierry pokes Alessandra)    
 * follow a user (eg. Tommaso follows Iris)    
 * ping a user (eg. Josie pings Carolina)  

Whenever a user is part of one of these interactions, we want to update his notification feed, update the number of unseen and unread
notifications and listen to changes in realtime. We also want to present these interactions in an aggregated fashion, so that common events are grouped together
(eg. Thierry poked you 100 times, Tommaso, Josie and 3 other people pinged you ...).

**The unread notifications**    
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