15 Global Projects Built with Stream’s Maker Account

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Jenna B.
Jenna B.
Published August 26, 2021 Updated August 27, 2021
Stream Maker Account Projects from Around the Globe

When we released the free Stream Maker Account in March 2021, we hoped that qualifying early-stage tech entrepreneurs, students, hobbyists, and coders would use our activity feed and chat APIs to help put their ideas into action.

After nearly six months, we’re blown away by the breadth of innovative projects that are being created with the help of Stream APIs and SDKs. To date, hundreds of teams from San Francisco to Ecuador, from Bahrain to the Netherlands, are leveraging Stream to quickly add high-performing chat and activity feed functionality into their apps. (Entrepreneurs qualify for the Maker Account if they have fewer than five team members, have raised less than $100K in funding, and have less than $100K in annual revenue or $10K MRR.)

The following global startups are just a few notable examples of Maker Account projects that sparked our interest. We hope these projects inspire you to build with Stream, too. For a deeper dive into how Stream’s APIs can help get apps off the ground, check out our new series, “Starting with Stream,” which highlights individual Maker Account projects.

1. ChefMaison

ChefMaison Stream Maker Account

ChefMaison is a Netherlands-based marketplace for chefs, where clients can search for private chefs and caterers using filters ranging from cuisine, price, location, and availability.

Initially, ChefMaison powered communication between chefs and clients using an in-house built chat solution. Now, Stream’s free Maker Account Chat API is replacing that functionality for a more stable and robust chat experience.

2. One% Volunteering

OnePercent Stream Maker Account

One%’s mission is to encourage more people to give back by making it easy for volunteers to find local opportunities. The Bahrain-based platform is also building a custom enterprise solution for nonprofits to help them manage volunteers from onboarding to scheduling to following-up about additional charitable opportunities. The company hopes to create positive change by inspiring individuals to donate just one percent of their time to good causes.

3. PickEasy

PickEasy Stream Maker Account

Deciding where to eat can be a hassle. PickEasy is an AI-powered social app that provides restaurant recommendations to users based on location, cuisine type, local deals, and more. Restaurants can use PickEasy to promote special discounts, and attract new customers.

4. Gamitar Learning

Gamitar Stream Maker Account

Gamitar Learning is a new edtech platform designed to help users learn new subjects and skills through gaming experiences. The platform is built using applied behavioral science and positive psychology to make learning fun, engaging, and effective.

5. ListedB

ListedB Stream Maker Account

There are many applications designed to make booking beauty services such as a haircut easier. ListedB is building a booking app that doubles as an online community of people interested in learning about beauty and wellness through content, connection, and in-app messaging.

6. Indoorskydiving App

IndoorSkyDiving Stream Maker Account

As its name suggests, Indoorskydiving App is designed to help indoor skydiving enthusiasts plan and book their flying sessions throughout Europe. The app will help coordinate trainings and coaching sessions, and connect passionate indoor skydivers with each other via Stream’s in-app messaging APIs.

7. Lonima

Lonima Stream Maker Account

Lonima stands for “Local Niche Market,” and the premise of the app is to build a platform to promote and sell items exclusively produced by U.S. businesses. The idea is to help local companies build their e-commerce presence in an online marketplace other than Amazon.

8. FreeWroad, Inc.

FreeWroad Stream Maker Account

Whether it be fluctuating ticket prices, security risks, or the sheer number of transportation options, travelling through Africa can be logistically challenging. FreeWroad is building software that integrates public and private transportation on the continent to help individuals and travel providers streamline their routes across countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, and Nigeria.

9. PlayTreks

PlayTreks Stream Maker Account

PlayTreks is building an AI-driven platform and community to bring more democracy into the music industry. The platform can house new recordings, help artists understand and track how their content is distributed and publicly received, and connect and empower creatives to take control of their royalties.

10. Seer Aerospace

Seer Stream Maker Account

Seer Aerospace is an experimental app that displays and sells customizable data feeds that include current and historical aircraft data.

11. Alive Studio

Alive Fitness Studio - Stream Maker Account

A mom and daughter duo from Ecuador is building Alive Studio, a streaming platform intended to connect an online fitness community of women. The idea is to help women worldwide reap the benefits of physical and emotional wellbeing through daily workouts and personal encouragement.

12. Coopah Running

Coopah Stream Maker Account

Described as an “online running club,” Coopah Running is an AI-powered automated running training app that helps runners reach their race goals by developing personalized training plans. Additionally, the platform assigns users into digital training groups with runners who have similar objectives. Stream’s Maker Account Chat API will help these groups exchange training, nutrition, and motivational tips.

13. Supersales

SuperSales Stream Maker Account

Supersales is an innovative app that allows brick-and-mortar retail stores to establish a live video connection between site visitors and in-store salespeople for a true omnichannel experience. Supersales is using the Stream Maker Account to add a feature-rich chat experience to the app’s existing live video functionality.

14. Urban Hunt

Urban Hunt Stream Maker Account

Urban Hunt is a cryptic, self-guided adventure game that allows people to explore unique and hidden parts of their city. Currently, all games are played using Facebook Messenger as a means of communication. Urban Hunt developers are using Stream’s in-app messaging to allow players who do not have Facebook accounts to enjoy the game as well.

15. SuperFit

SuperFit Stream Maker Account

SuperFit was created to help independent trainers and instructors have a digital revenue stream even if they can’t get to a gym to train their clients in person (for example, if there’s a global pandemic). Trainers can upload their workouts and training programs for both individual clients and groups, process payments, manage their clients, and more. SuperFit integrates with Stripe for a seamless payment experience.

Interested in learning more about Stream's Maker Account? Apply to see if your project qualifies.

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