Announcing the Beta Release of Activity Feeds for Flutter

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Tess G.
Nash R. & Tess G.
Published May 7, 2021 Updated August 3, 2021
Flutter Activity Feeds

Today, we are incredibly excited to announce the beta release of Stream’s Feeds SDK for Flutter 🥳.

Stream’s Activity Feed API was built by developers, for developers to make their lives easier by not having to worry about scalability, maintenance, and reliability of a complex feed infrastructure. By leveraging Stream’s API or integrating our libraries and components, you can build customized, feature-rich experiences without the headache of spending time and money on developing and supporting an in-house solution. Stream tackles the heavy lifting by fixing scalability and integration issues so that you can focus more on the core competencies of the product that you’re creating. Our service is flexible, scalable, reliable, and accessible to individual developers and small companies.

Try the Activity Feeds API →

At Stream, engineering and community are at the heart of what we do. Therefore, our team is dedicated to developing Flutter Feeds side-by-side our users – we are always eager to hear what you think of new products and features so that we can implement changes accordingly. In this release, developers can try our Flutter SDK and provide feedback on our Github repo.

Screenshot of Stream's Flutter Feeds repo.

We encourage developers to follow our tutorial, build applications, and send us feedback on features they would like to see added and supported in this new SDK.

Follow the tutorial

Resources 🛠️

  1. Github repo 🛠
  2. API reference 📖
  3. Activity Feeds tutorial 👩‍🏫

Send Us Your Creations 📸

Our team can’t wait to see what you build using our Flutter SDK. Send us your applications on Twitter using the hashtag #FlutterFeeds.

Thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm!

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