Call For Contributors: Stream-Framework 1.1

Thierry S.
Thierry S.
Published October 17, 2014 Updated October 9, 2019

Today we've released Stream Framework 1.1. Development has been a bit slow pending the rename from Feedly to Stream-Framework.

Fortunately the community is growing faster than ever. Many users of are looking at Stream Framework and vice versa.

We would like to take this moment to encourage contributions. We're actively accepting pull requests and appreciate all the help. Especially the python 3 support on the roadmap is something which you can easily get started with. So if you've been searching for a project to contribute to, now is a good time 🙂


  • Python 3 support (pending CQLEngine)
  • Documentation improvements (see issues)
  • Database backend to facilitate small projects
  • Relevancy based feeds (far future)
  • API similar to to allow other languages to Stream Framework (far future)

Let us know which features you guys are looking forward to!

What's new

Since the last blogpost we've made the following changes:

  • Ability to customize the Activity object used in feeds and aggregated activity used in aggregated feeds.
  • Hooks to collect metrics
  • Updated CQLengine and Python-Driver
  • Ability to filter Redis & Cassandra feeds using the .filter syntax()
  • Ability to order Redis using the .order syntax (Thanks Anislav)
  • Redis improvements to counts (Again, many thanks Anislav!)

We recommend you run Stream Framework with the latest stable redis or the latest 2.0.x of Cassandra. If any feels brave and wants to use 2.1.x of Cassandra be sure to let us know how it goes!

As always, let us know what you guys are working on!