Building a Production-Ready Chat SDK Using Jetpack Compose


Interested in learning more about Jetpack Compose and how we built our newest Chat SDK? Stream’s own Filip Babić shares the benefits — and common pitfalls to watch out for — of building with the new Android UI toolkit.

Released in July 2021, Jetpack Compose is the highly anticipated native UI toolkit for Android that is designed to help developers build faster and with more ease. After two years in development, Jetpack Compose is now in its 1.0 version, and is both stable and deeply flexible.

Stream’s Lead Android Developer for Jetpack Compose, Filip Babić, led the charge to launch the first official Chat SDK built with Jetpack Compose just 24 hours after it became stable! Stream’s Compose UI Components were built to make integration and customizability easier than ever on Android. Check out our Compose Chat Messaging Tutorial to explore building with Stream’s Chat API.

In this presentation at MobileWeek 2021, Babić outlines his experience building with Jetpack Compose, the benefits of coding in a single language (Kotlin), common pitfalls developers should watch out for when coding with Compose, and why the toolkit promises to be a gamechanger in the Android world.

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