Build a Medical Pager Messaging App

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Follow along with JavaScript Mastery’s Stream-sponsored tutorial to build a robust chat app with direct and group chats, reactions, and more.

Jenna B.
Jenna B.
Published September 1, 2021

Building a chat app that is both feature-rich and scalable can be difficult and time-consuming. But in just under four hours, this YouTube video by JavaScript Mastery demonstrates how to build and deploy a telemedicine chat app designed for a medical or hospital setting using the Stream Chat API.

We love this tutorial because it showcases the versatility of Stream’s chat messaging API and features that most chat app users now expect, including gifs, rich URLs, emojis and reactions, threads and replies, images, and mobile responsiveness for a native-like feeling.

This tutorial will guide you to build a full-stack chat application using Stream's API. Happy coding!

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