Crash Course: Learn the Basics of TypeScript


In just under an hour, Traversy Media walks you through an intro to TypeScript in this valuable video tutorial.

Whether you are a veteran developer seeking to shore up your Typescript skills or a new coder who is interested in getting an introduction to TypeScript, Stream is proud to sponsor Traversy Media’s recent tutorial, “TypeScript Crash Course 2021.”

We’re excited about this video for several reasons. First and foremost, Brad Traversy, the creator of Traversy Media, creates excellent web development tutorials, and we believe this valuable resource is helpful to our developer audience. Additionally, our newest version of Stream’s React SDK has been fully converted to TypeScript, making it possible for you to find guaranteed type-safety code throughout this SDK, making it easier to read and debug.

In this video, you’ll also learn the basics of generics, reusable and scalable software components that have well-defined and consistent APIs. (Check out Stream’s documentation here.)

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