React Native Chat App Tutorial

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Nick P.
Nick P.
Published May 3, 2019 Updated March 13, 2020

The other week, I set out to write a tutorial on how to integrate real-time Stream Chat in React Native. It wasn’t long before I started adding other dependencies such as Gifted Chat for the UI and Serverless for token generation server-side. I even had a bit of fun by integrating an autoresponder with facts and jokes about Chuck Norris – after all, who doesn’t like having a bit of fun!

My tutorial on React Native Chat started to trend pretty quickly on various platforms such as and was recently accepted by Hacker Noon. Pretty awesome, right?

If you’re interested in:

  • Real-time Stream Chat
  • Gifted Chat
  • React Native / Expo
  • Serverless
  • Free Chat UI

I recommend that you have a look at the tutorial on Hacker Noon. You won’t be disappointed!


💬Make sure to check out our in-depth, real-time React Native Chat components tutorial as well. It's very comprehensive! 


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