Python 3 & Stream Framework

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Thierry S.
Thierry S.
Published March 3, 2015 Updated October 9, 2019

I'm excited to let you know that Stream Framework now runs on Python 3.4! As proof have a look at this beautiful report on Travis. Many thanks to Anislav Atanasov for making this happen.

More and more users of open source software seem to be asking for Python 3 support. This is just my very unscientific observation, but it seems as though we're reaching a tipping point. People are building their apps to run on 3.4 and library authors are adding support.

Until recently there was simply no point in upgrading to 3.4. Nobody asked for it, and our dependencies didn’t support Python 3. We've been getting requests for Python 3 for a few months now and recently CQLEngine added support for Python 3. Many thanks to Jon Haddad and Blake Eggleston!

Awesome to see that the community is moving on, it was about time for Python 3 to become a viable option 🙂