Dubsmash Switches to Stream from an In-House Solution

About Dubsmash

Dubsmash is a global entertainment platform that allows users to interact with the content they love. Their team is building the interactive video quote database of the future, allowing users around the world to share, lip-sync, and meme over pop culture content. With over 200M global users who create & interact with 35 videos every second, Dubsmash is building the entertainment product of the future - one where consumers are actively participating versus passively consuming.


Dubsmash has always been a huge fan of not "reinventing the wheel" by using existing solutions, being that they’re a small team operating very quickly. However, they initially believed that they could build an in-house feed solution that would have all the features and functionality they needed, at a lower price than what they saw in the market. They soon discovered that the complexities of building streams and feeds are vast. While they were able to easily construct a simple chronological feed, they ran into many difficulties when attempting to add features such as ranking and personalization. After spending many weeks and valuable resources on development, they realized that continuing to build in-house would not provide them with the best and most sustainable outcome.

“Building out feed technology is quite a challenge. We made the mistake of trying to build it ourselves…and we were just stuck. From a feature perspective, we couldn’t build something as robust as what Stream can provide. I’m simply amazed at how certain features, such as ranking, work. Stream is also very easy to implement and their team has been responsive on Slack!” - Tim Specht, CTO of Dubsmash

Why Stream

Moving forward…

Dubsmash is planning on expanding their offerings with more mobile and web-based products built around their core product - their ‘video quote database’. We can’t wait to see what they come up with!