Announcing Stream’s New Dashboard Experience

Luke S.
Luke S.
Published October 26, 2020 Updated October 27, 2020

Our initial dashboard was built for Stream's initial product, Feeds. As you may know, we now offer Chat — a robust real-time API for building messaging applications. With the tremendous growth since the initial launch of our second product, we are working to ensure that every user experience is the same level of quality.

Today, we're very excited to announce the dawn of a new dashboard experience here at Stream. Starting now, you will see a new banner at the top of your Stream Dashboard with a button to opt-in to the v2 beta! 🎉

Naturally, since we first created the dashboard, we've also seen considerable changes to the front-end development landscape. New patterns are becoming increasingly viable and accessible, and the JavaScript ecosystem continues to boom, giving us new ways to create performant and engaging experiences on the web.

Throughout this period, our dashboard has primarily remained the same. We added a new area of the dashboard for Chat — including manual and automated moderation tools and configuration for webhooks and push notifications, to name just a few. However, other than some select views and components, the current dashboard is still primarily built on an old-school tech stack.

Anyone switching to the v2 beta release during this period can also provide feedback on the fly, from the dashboard itself (there’s a “Give Us Feedback” link to the right of the announcement banner). We encourage you to let us know your thoughts and ideas or if something is missing or out of sorts compared to the original.

Until we reach a full-release, you will always be able to toggle between the two versions, so you can change back to the original dashboard to use a specific feature in the meantime should something arise.

With this initial update, the dashboard will remain the same for the most part. However, you will notice a much faster UI, improved loading times, seamless switching between apps, and improvements to the Chat Moderation and Data Explorer screens.

Our initial goal is to achieve full feature-parity with the existing dashboard, having rebuilt everything from the ground up using React. This improvement allows the team to develop and iterate new features much faster than before, based on your feedback. We’re already lining up some exciting new additions!

We're super excited to get the new dashboard in your hands and begin to shape the future of the Stream Dashboard experience together.

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