7 Android Resources To Level Up As a Developer

To be a great developer, you must keep up to date with the latest technologies and continuously learn new skills. In this article, you’ll explore seven materials to level up your Android skills.

Jaewoong E.
Jaewoong E.
Published December 5, 2022

The development ecosystem is changing so fast. Every day, new tech stacks and solutions are introduced to the community, and some materials are beneficial and reduce many development resources.

To be a better developer, you need to not only make an effort to write good code but also keep learning helpful knowledge from excellent resources. Also, development trends change fast, so it’s not easy to keep up with the changes yourself is not easy.

This article will introduce you to useful websites that can help you keep up with the latest excellent Android learning resources.

1. Official Android Resources

The best material for Android is Google’s official references, such as Developer Guides and Documentation for app developers. They provide the best practices for their SDK, such as AndroidX, and Jetpack Compose.

You can also check out the official resources below:

  • Android Developers on Medium: Google has a Medium channel for their official publication by their developer relations engineers. You can learn new skills and best practices for Android SDK and keep up with all the new updates.

  • Android Developers on YouTube: The Google team also manages their official YouTube channel for Android. You can watch many news and technical sessions, such as Android Dev Summit.

  • Google Codelabs: Google team provides practical codelabs, which are based on hands-on coding experience. You can learn new Android skills, such as Architecture, Jetpack libraries, Compose, and many best practices for Android developers, step by step.

2. Android Weekly

Android Weekly has been one of the most popular newsletters in Android communities for over a decade. They put together recent technical Android/Kotlin relevant resources, such as articles, tutorials, open-source projects, videos, and Android news, and notify you of them.

They allow you to keep up with what's happening in the Android development community every week, and you can subscribe to the newsletter for free, which sends an email around 2-7:00 PM (CEST) every Sunday.

You can also post your company's job hiring post, or if you're building a SaaS based product, you can introduce your post and product in the newsletter by sponsoring them. For more information, check out Android Weekly Advertise.

3. Kotlin Weekly

Kotlin Weekly is a popular Kotlin newsletter that puts together weekly Kotlin and Android articles, tutorials, and open-source projects. It allows you to stay up to date with the recent developments in Kotlin and learning material.

They focus on general Kotlin topics, but they also include informative Android libraries and resources that are related to Kotlin. You can subscribe to the newsletter for free, which sends an email around 8-11 AM (CEST) every Sunday.

If you want to advertise your company’s product, you can sponsor them and gain exposure to tens of thousands of subscribers, such as below:

4. ProAndroidDev

ProAndroidDev is an organization on Medium by Droidcon that features recent articles from Android professionals and Google Developer Experts.

Many professional developers share their comprehensive expertise, such as Android, Kotlin, build tools, open-source development, and what they experienced from their projects with the community. Also, The ProAndroidDev team has a review system to accept publications, so most articles have already been verified at least once by them.

They notify you of new articles on Twitter @proandroiddev, so keeping an eye on their posts and learning the latest technologies must be helpful to level up your Android skills.

Also, if you’re interested in one of the biggest global Android conferences, see Droidcon. They upload conference videos so that you can watch the helpful talks about Android, Kotlin, build tools, architecture, and more for free.

5. GitHub

GitHub is one of the most helpful places to learn new things and level up as a developer by exploring many valuable repositories for free. Many amazing developers share their solutions on GitHub, so just following active developers and keeping an eye on their activities will help you learn a lot.

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A great way to learn new things is by contributing to open-source projects and taking part in discussions with excellent global engineers on GitHub. Getting feedback and communicating with many outstanding international developers will level up your knowledge and broaden your perspectives.

You can contribute to the open-source community in many ways, such as reporting an issue, making pull requests, and building your own projects.

You can also explore repositories that put together Android learning resources, such as Android Developer Roadmap, which suggests learning paths to understanding Android development.

The Android roadmap provides articles that cover the Android platform, App components, and comprehensive Android knowledge that helps you to level up your Android skills.

You can also see the official organization by Google for Android on GitHub. You can explore many Android sample projects that show the best practice for their Android libraries, such as Now In Android, architecture-samples, and sunflower.

If you don’t know what repositories you should explore on GitHub, you can also check out the GitHub Trending page.

GitHub curates recent popular repositories by language and date, so you can explore which repositories are trending on GitHub by your preferences. They also provide a list of developers who are trending now, so you can follow them on the trending list.

6. Google Developer Library

Google Dev Library is a curated platform for open-source projects and technical written content for several Google technologies, such as Android, Flutter, Firebase, and Machine Learning.

Anyone can submit their content or project to GoogleDevLibrary following their formats, and they will review the eligibility of your submission. If your submission is high-quality and based on Google technologies, it will be accepted following their review system.

By categories, you can explore verified open-source projects and technical written content that excellent developers make worldwide. You can explore relevant Android projects at the Android category.

They also provide a subscription system. You get a monthly newsletter about new technologies, which are curated by the Google team.

You can keep up with the latest technical content and projects curated in many fields, such as Android, Flutter, Google Cloud, and Angular.

7. Android Arsenal

Android Arsenal is an Android developer portal that collects Android libraries, projects, apps, and Android-relevant tools. You can find a lot of useful Android open-source libraries here by categories.

You can submit your projects on the Contact menu, and they will review the eligibility of your project before featuring your submission.

They also have Twitter @Android_Arsenal and you can keep exploring the new projects that are featured by Android Arsenal.


In this article, you explored resources and platforms to level up your Android skills. Learning new things and staying up to date with trending technologies and solutions is incredibly helpful, and will improve your technical perspective. Keep in mind that you need to keep learning and thinking to be a better developer.

You can find the author of this article on GitHub or Twitter @github_skydoves if you have any questions or feedback. If you’d like to stay up to date with Stream, follow us on Twitter @getstream_io for more great technical content.

As always, happy coding!


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