What is Sendbird?

Sendbird is a platform that offers a set of software tools and cloud-based services for integrating chat, messaging, and real-time communication features into applications or services. It provides developers with APIs and SDKs to enable messaging functionality, including text, multimedia, voice, and video communication.

What is Sendbird used for?

Sendbird is used by businesses to build chat applications, in-app messaging, customer support, and social networking features. However, like any technology solution, it has its strengths and weaknesses, and its effectiveness may depend on specific use cases and requirements. It's important to carefully evaluate Sendbird's features, scalability, security, and pricing to determine if it aligns with the needs of a particular project.

How does Sendbird compare to its competitors?

We would obviously be biased in saying this, but we believe Stream's chat service is a more powerful solution than Sendbird's. If you would like more info try our guide comparing Sendbird to the most popular alternatives for more details on how their service stacks up with the other major providers.

How much does Sendbird cost?

Sendbird offers a range of pricing plans tailored to different business needs, including a free tier with limited features, as well as various paid plans with more advanced features, scalability options, and dedicated support. Pricing may also vary based on factors such as the number of monthly active users (MAUs), message volume, storage requirements, and additional add-ons or customizations. We’ve compared Sendbird’s pricing plans with our own and that of our competitors, which you might find helpful.

Can Sendbird send SMS?

Yes, Sendbird has a feature that allows you to send SMS (Short Message Service) messages as part of its messaging capabilities. This feature allows you to send text messages to users' mobile phones directly from your application using the Sendbird platform. It can be used for various use cases, such as notifications, alerts, or general messaging, via SMS. However, it's important to note that SMS functionality may have additional costs associated with it, especially in comparison to chat, and the availability of this feature may depend on the specific pricing plan and configuration of Sendbird that you choose.

Who is the CEO of Sendbird?

John S. Kim is the CEO of Sendbird.

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