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Stream powers Chat Messaging, Video & Audio, and Activity Feeds for billions of global end-users across thousands of different apps.

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Video & Audio API and SDKs

Carefully Designed APIs and Component SDKs

We obsess over API ease of use and provide extensive tutorials for both feeds and chat. This is why our customers typically integrate in days while competing solutions take months to launch.

Instead of just telling us a price and a plan, Stream is committed to understanding our business so we can architect, build, and customize our apps exactly how we want them.

Todd Zander

VP & GM, Healthline Together

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Chat Example Code

Chat API Tour

Feeds Example Code

Feed API Tour
End Users
API Stack
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Cloud Components

Stream provides a level of performance and UX that would take years to build in-house.

UI Kits

Our UI Kits match our cloud components to give teams the chance to design and build the perfect experience.

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