Save Serious Engineering Time

Don't reinvent the feed. Stream's feed technology saves you months of engineering time and allows you to focus on what makes your app unique.

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What Can You Build?

Whether you want to build a feed like Twitter, Instagram, Spotify or Facebook's we have you covered. Stream handles the storage technology for the feed and you keep full control over the user experience and design.

Feeds For All Your Needs

Aggregated feeds, ranked feeds, analytics and personalization all help you improve your app's engagement, retention and conversion.

Feed for users you follow

Flat Feeds

The flat feed allows your site to show content from the people you follow. Build a feed of images added by the people you follow or follow text updates.

Notification feeds api

Notification Feeds

The notification feed allows you to build your site's notification functionality. It is similar to the aggregated feed, but also shows counts of the number of unseen notifications. You can listen to feed changes in Realtime.

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Develop feeds that are grouped together

Aggregate Feeds

The aggregated feeds shows content from the people you follow. It allows you to group various activities as shown here.

Build Ranked Feeds and activity streams

Ranked Feeds

The ranked feeds allow you to take control over how your feeds are sorted and move past the simple chronological view. ranked feeds can help improve engagement with the feed.

In Depth Feed Analytics and Machine Learning


Track what content your users see and what they engage with. Spot common issues related to empty, outdated or otherwise unengaging feed experiences. Know which users drive engagement within your community and which ones are creating spam.

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Understand your user's interests and personalize your app. Personalization improves engagement, retention and conversion within your app. The underlying technology is based on big-data and machine learning.

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Developers Rely on Stream

Experience at Scale

The team behind Stream has authored the popular open source Stream-Framework and managed activity streams at successful startups. Stream scales well and allows you to retrieve your feed quickly whether you have 3 or 3 million users.

Super Simple

You can get started building your newsfeed building in minutes. We currently offer clients for Ruby, JavaScript/Node, Python and PHP. Furthermore we support framework integrations for Rails, Django and Laravel.

Data Export

Your data is always yours. If you want to export it from Stream we'll write a backup to an S3 bucket of your choosing. Our open source Stream-Framework also gives you a good starting point for building your own solution.

News Feed Infrastructure

Low Latency

To ensure a low latency to your servers we have endpoints in us-east, us-west, eu-west and ap-northeast.


Stream runs on a Cassandra cluster with built-in replication. It stores your data in at least 3 places, which makes it unlikely to get lost.

Zero maintenance

Do you really want to maintain your own Cassandra, Redis, RabbitMQ, Celery, Faye and web clusters? We take care of your feed infrastructure so you can focus on what makes your app unique.

Speed and Reliability

Fast feed update speed

With years of building and maintaining large scale feeds; we’ve solved some of the hardest problems when it comes to speed and reliability. We’ve consistently matched (or beat) benchmarks for updates against the leading social networks online. Your data is backed up in multiple locations around the world, protecting your users and your business.

TLDR; Your feeds are fast and your data is safe.


Zero maintenance, lower monthly costs, and hundreds of hours of development time saved.