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Personalized Activity Feeds

Activity feeds help you fuel growth, drive engagement and increase retention. Leverage Stream to launch this week and not next year.

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Activity Feeds Use Cases

Bandsintown uses Stream to connect artists to their users

Unsplash uses their Stream for their timeline feed

ProductHunt uses Stream for their notification feed

Common examples of apps with activity feeds are Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. Activity feeds show content from the people or topics you follow.

Stream is an API for building activity feeds that enables your development team to build personalized activity feeds this week, not next year. Stream powers the underlying feed technology, you have full creative freedom over the UI/UX.

Activity feeds are the most powerful tool for personalizing the user experience within your app.

Feeds improve content discovery and ensure users see the most relevant content when they visit your app.

Activity Feeds help you monetize your business in more creative, diverse and sustainable ways.

Activity Feeds are the most effective way to connect people to information and enable them to share it easily.

Launch this week,
not next year

Adding activity feeds to your site is simple with Stream. Do you want to invest years of developer time into building your own in-house feed tech? Leverage Stream and launch this week.

Stream’s API is easy to use and ridiculously fast. Share this free tutorial with your dev team to get their feedback.

Algorithmic feeds and
machine learning

Our most advanced personalization technology leverages machine learning to improve the feed based on user engagement. Common use cases include discovery feeds (like Instagram’s explore section), follow suggestions, email digests, product recommendations and edgerank (similar to Facebook)

Custom control over
feed ranking

Ranking methods enable you to show popular content higher in the feed, highlight editorial content, pin activities to the top or increasing the rank of events that are about to start. You have full control over the ranking methodology.

Focus on what makes
your app unique

Did you know that while the feeds look very different, the underlying feed technology for apps like Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, Linkedin is almost identical? Stream enables you to focus on what makes your app unique instead of reinventing feed technology.

build exactly what you want

Teams love Stream

  • Scalability & Performance

    Grow your app without worrying about the scalability of your feed infrastructure. Feeds typically load in less than 30ms.

  • Reliability

    99.999% uptime track record. 24/7 phone support and SLAs on enterprise plans

  • Developer friendly

    Easy onboarding, SDKs for 8 languages, beautiful documentation and responsive support

  • Zero maintenance

    Building your feed with Stream can help you move faster, save substantial cost and benefit from Stream’s performance and scale.

Build any feed with Stream

Timeline Feeds

Basic feeds contain a simple list of chronologically sorted activities from the topics or people you follow.

Ranked Feeds

Ranking allows you to take control over how activities are sorted. Ranking activities can help improve engagement.

Aggregated Feeds

Aggregation enables you to group activities together based on rules. This help keeps the feed relevant when there is a lot of activity.

Notification Feeds

Notification feeds add the concept of “seen” or “read” to the activities. Commonly used with Aggregation.

Personalized Feeds

Leverage machine learning to further improve the relevancy of your feed. Top companies such as YouTube, Etsy, Linkedin and Instagram all leverage personalization.


Listen to feed changes in real-time and increase conversations on your platform.

popular feed features

Hashtags are a vital part of a network. They help connect ideas together even if users don’t follow eachother.


Mention other users easily to have conversations across an entire app.


Like an activity and send a notification to the owner. Stream integrates with your in-house technology for likes.


Stream integrates with your in-house technology for commenting.

Discovery Feeds

Show content outside of the user's regular feed that they are most likely to engage with. A good example of a discovery feed is Instagram's explore section or Pinterest's feed.

Email Digests

Send the most relevant activities in a user's feed via a digest email.

Follow Suggestions

Suggest users or topics to follow based on graph analysis.

Edge Rank

Reduce the clutter in the feed and show only the most relevant posts. Facebook and Linkedin are two companies that leverage this tech extensively.

Product Suggestions

Power product or content suggestions based on a user's past engagements.


Understand if the content in your news feeds is up to date and detect potential problems such as spam.

Powering feeds for 200 million users

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