Machine Learning Services

Personalization for feeds, email, discovery and recommendations

Personalization improves user experience, enhancing your app's engagement, retention, and conversion. Start building the perfect discovery feeds, follow suggestions, email digests, recommendations and customized feed edgerank, with Stream and our data science team.


Smarter apps with machine learning personalization

Combine analytics, feed content and collections to understand what users are interested in:

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Track the events that indicate user interest. Common examples are clicks, likes, comments, shares, search queries etc.

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The follow relationships and activities give important insights into what a user is interested in and what else they might want to follow.

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Collections allow you to store any other data that’s relevant for personalization, such as user profiles, products or categories.


Bring personalized experiences to life

Personalization of your feeds, emails and apps requires complex machine learning models. Our data science team works with you to learn about your user's interests and to personalize their experience which can improve engagement, retention and conversion.


Interests & Discovery

Show content that is most likely to engage the user, based on their interests.


Feed Edgerank

Machine learning based ranking for your feed (like Facebook).


Follow Suggestions

Suggest relevant users or topics to follow, based on our graph analysis algorithms.


Email Personalization

Make emails more relevant by personalizing them to a user’s interests.


Product Recommendations

Use personalization to create unique product recommendations for each user.

Machine Learning

Extract meaning from unstructured data

Stream can extract meaning from images, text and audio through our powerful machine learning models.

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Understand and classify the content of images with machine learning.

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Analyze the text content in the activities to determine the associated topics.

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The resulting rich data ensures that the personalization engine quickly picks up on a user’s interests.

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Detect spam or non-safe content and report it to your content team or block it automatically.

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