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Version: v11

Message List Notifications

In this example, we demonstrate how to use the method addNotification pulled from the ChannelActionContext in order to add a custom notification message to the MessageList at our desired time specification.

addNotification Method

This method receives two arguments: text and type. The text parameter is the notification text, and the type argument is of type string and is either 'success' or 'error'. The type determines the style added. These messages are temporary in the list and are removed after five seconds.

This method is used extensively in the library by handler functions to notify of success or failure and are usually used in conjunction with JavaScript event listeners or API event listeners.

const addNotification = (text: string, type: 'success' | 'error') => {
/// the rest of the method established in `Channel`


In this quick implementation we will listen for the 'message.updated' client event and add our custom notification when this happens. Editing or pinning a message will cause this event to occur.


Since addNotification is drawn from the ChannelActionContext, we must create an inner component that is a child of Channel and call the useChannelActionContext custom hook.

The Code

const ChannelInner = () => {
const { addNotification } = useChannelActionContext();
const { channel } = useChannelStateContext();

useEffect(() => {
const clickToAddNotification = () => {
addNotification('A message has been edited!', 'success');

channel.on('message.updated', clickToAddNotification);

return () => {'message.updated', clickToAddNotification);
}, [addNotification, channel]);

return (
<ChannelHeader />
<MessageList />
<MessageInput />
<Thread />

const App = () => (
<Chat client={chatClient}>
<ChannelList />
<ChannelInner />

The Result

Custom Notification in the Message List

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