Android & Firebase

Last Edit: Jul 07 2020

Push Notifications for Android and Web

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Using Firebase, your users apps can receive push notifications directly to their client app for new messages when offline. In order to push notifications to Android devices, you need to have an application on Firebase and configure your Stream account using the Firebase server key.

Retrieving the Server Key from Firebase

Step 1

From the Firebase Console, select the project your app belongs to

Step 2

Click on the gear icon next to Project Overview and navigate to Project settings

Step 3

Navigate to the Cloud Messaging tab

Step 4

Under Project Credentials, locate the Server key and copy it

Step 5

Upload the Server Key in your chat dashboard

Step 6

Save your push notification settings changes

OR -

Upload the Server Key via API call

await client.updateAppSettings({
    firebase_config: {
        server_key: 'server_key',
        notification_template: `{"message":{"notification":{"title":"New messages","body":"You have {{ unread_count }} new message(s) from {{ }}"},"android":{"ttl":"86400s","notification":{"click_action":"OPEN_ACTIVITY_1"}}}}`,
        data_template: `{"sender":"{{ }}","channel":{"type": "{{ channel.type }}","id":"{{ }}"},"message":"{{ }}"}`