Feature Announcement: Quoted Replies


Quoted replies is a useful feature when you want to reply to a specific message in 1:1 chats or when you want to quote someone on your replies in group chats. The ability to quote and reply to specific messages in a conversation makes it easier to keep track of things, especially in larger group chats.

Users are able to reply to a message with a “reply” button which will attach a quoted version of the original message to your response. Quoted messages are not their own message threads — they’ll still appear in line with the rest of the chat. Instead of hopping into a conversation and replying to a message that was sent earlier without any context, a quoted reply makes it clear which message you are talking about or referencing, especially if the message was lost or forgotten. Quoting a message is a simple way to link a single message as a reply to another.

Users can select a message, hit reply, and type a new message. The new message is then shown in the chat, with the original message quoted within the new message.

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