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AI Moderation

Build Safer Communities with Real-Time Content Moderation

AI-powered moderation solutions to protect community members from harmful content and bad actors.

Example of ai moderation product and features

Key <Moderation/> Features to Protect Your Users and Brand

Ship AI-powered moderation features users expect to safeguard your community.

Toxicity filters

Detect toxic, harmful, criminal, and sexually explicit content.

Platform circumvention

Protect your business against users who attempt to connect or take transactions outside your platform.

Semantic filters

Moderate beyond exact word matches or regex patterns with AI-configured message semantic detection.

Advanced filters

Apply word filters, regex patterns, domain, and email filters to intercept harmful content before it enters the chat.

Velocity filters

Limit the rate of messages that can enter the chat and take action when your threshold exceeds its volume to prevent a negative impact on UX.

Moderation Dashboard

Our simple and effective dashboard empowers moderators to configure our tool to perform (flag, block, bounce) automatically and supports day-to-day moderation activities such as processing detections, user reports, and auditing suspicious actors.

Easy to Customize

Implement AI-based Moderation
With Clicks, Not Code

Activate and configure moderation features in the dashboard without any coding skills. All features integrate with Stream Chat; your content is processed when you activate the moderation engines.

Modern SDKs

APIs to integrate easily with external systems

Seamlessly integrate with existing systems or external moderation solutions using Stream’s APIs.

  • Webhooks and APIs for real-time moderation
  • SQS integration and APIs for async moderation
  • APIs to act on harmful users and content

Solutions for Every Use Case

example of social app


Toxic content, spam, and scams can damage your app’s sense of community and reduce engagement. Our Toxicity Filters are designed to detect toxic, obscene, threatening, insulting, identity attack, and sexually explicit content to safeguard your reputation and business.

example of marketplace app


Bad actors circumventing your platform to transact can negatively impact key business metrics and expose users to phishing and fraud. Our Platform Circumvention engine can detect, flag, or block messages in real time, protecting your users and business.

example of livestream app

Live Events

Moderating millions of users interacting during a live event is impossible without automation. Our AI-powered Advanced Filters adapt to multiple high-volume use cases, and our Velocity Filters stop spammers cold.

example of dating app


Scammers target apps with vulnerable users looking for genuine connections to scam and extort. Platform circumvention detects and takes action against bad actors who try to engage with your users outside the platform.

Regulation Compliant Solution

Engineering assistance and resources to support design,
integration, and launch

Digital Services Compliance

Integrate with confidence and comply with regulations and recommendations for digital services (CDA, DSA) to protect user safety and fundamental rights from harmful content and activities.

App Store Regulations

Compliant with App Store regulations to protect user fundamental rights (user blocking, and reporting on content and users)

Engineering Resources

Engineering assistance and resources to support design,
integration, and launch.

Start Identifying Harmful Behaviors In Real Time

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Designed For Enterprise Trust & Safety Teams

Stream Automated Moderation was created with Trust & Safety teams, moderators, and community managers in mind. We developed our platform with the goal of enabling human moderators to scale effectively, without getting bogged down in repetitive tasks.

Our Auto Moderation solution works with any type of app in real time, and can automatically discover new varieties of harmful content as they emerge, before your users start reporting them.

  • Centralized moderation dashboard
  • Adaptable machine learning models
  • Enterprise-scale infrastructure
  • No additional integration work required
  • Context-aware automation

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  • Automatically import exports
  • Bi-directional webhook sync for zero downtime migrations
  • Engineering assistance and resources to support design, integration, and launch

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