Flexible Chat Pricing

Chat starts with a free trial. Then you’ll be able to either upgrade or let us customize a solution to your specific use case and volume.

Standard Chat

Scalable, reliable and blazing chat that is feature packed and is more affordable than ever before.

  • 25k Monthly Active Users
  • 3,000,000 Messages/month
  • 7,000,000 Messages/storage
  • 1,250 peak concurrent connections

Enterprise Chat

Enterprise pricing that gives you the flexibility and customization your app needs.

  • AI powered moderation
  • Phone & Slack support
  • Dedicated stack or private cloud
  • Service level agreements

Frequent Questions

We gracefully handle connection failures and recover as soon as the internet connection is back. The tech is based on Go, RocksDB, Raft and websockets.

We reuse a lot of the tech and best practices from activity feeds. For chat we currently have extensive QA and monitoring in place.

iOS and Android push notification are supported out of the box. In case you need more flexibility webhooks are also available.

Stream allows you to build your own chat bots. You can use webhooks to parse messages and reply to them. You can also add custom attachments to messages to enable rich interactions such as picking a location or selecting a date.

Search is supported by the API and is included in the pricing.

MAUs are defined as any user that connected to chat in the last 30 days. If you show chat to all users of your app it will be similar to your app’s MAU count. If Chat is more hidden as a feature it will be lower than your app’s MAU count.

You can add custom fields to messages and you can also attach different types of attachments. Common examples include sharing a product, a live score of a match, a date picker or any other type of interactive/rich interface.

Standard plan customers that exceed the MAU, message writes or peak concurrent connections in a calendar month will be charged $12 per percent over (using the largest percentage over between the three metrics). Example: Using 35,000 MAU in a month will result in an overage fee of $480 (40% over the base of 25,000 MAU).

Extra retention is $25 per million over your plan limit.