Case Studies

Global Citizen

Learn how Stream powers millions of Global Citizens around the world. Together they have taken over 656 million actions to solve the world's biggest challenges.

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The Challenge

By delivering high-quality content and connecting like-minded users, Global Citizen has developed a very active network where members share the actions through which they aim to make the world a better place. In order to give its users an engaging online experience, Global Citizen needed to set up subject specific feeds that would show real time engagement through their portal.

Setting up a robust feed infrastructure for a high profile network like Global Citizen network is not an easy task,especially given the significant amount of daily visitors and feed updates that need to be handled.

We spoke with Matt Webster, the CTO at Global Citizen about his experience using Stream to set up their feed infrastructure. He said:

“When it came time to build activity streams that showed the actions that millions of global citizens are taking to end extreme poverty, adopting stream was a no-brainer. In a few, short development sprints we were able to deliver a solution that scaled to support our large user community in a fraction of the time it would have taken to build a similar solution ourselves.”

Through each real time update and each signed petition we can witness the power of a global community that is making a huge impact, one pledge at a time.

feeds in use

The Solution

Global Citizen’s community has been able to make a real difference. They were able to help pass the water for the world act, raise $100m for the eradication of Polio and raise awareness around gender inequality.

This is a great cause and Stream provides the feed technology and hosting free of charge. If you are a non-profit organization and have a feed please reach out to for a free account.

We invite you to join the community of millions global citizens in a worldwide effort to support poverty eradication, sustainable development, social justice and global peace. Visit to learn more or follow on Twitter to stay updated.

At Stream we are honored and proud by the fact that Stream is being used by Global Citizen. The size of Global Citizen’s user base is a testament to our platform in terms of scalability; Stream’s infrastructure has allowed Global Citizen to offer an engaging experience without having to allocate valuable developer time to maintain their feeds.