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Call & Participant State

Video Call State

When you join a call, we'll automatically expose 3 StateFlow objects:

val clientState = streamVideo.state
val callState = call.state
val participants = call.state.participants

Call State

Here's an example of how you can access the call state:

val call ="default", "mycall")
val joinResult = call.join(create=true)
// state is now available at
val state = call.state

The following fields are available on the call

connectionYour connection state if you're currently connected to the call
participantsThe list of call participants
totalParticipantsThe count of the total number of participants. This includes anonymous participants
meShortcut to your own participant state
remoteParticipantsThe list of call participants other than yourself
activeSpeakersThe list of participants who are currently speaking
dominantSpeakerThe dominant speaker
sortedParticipantsParticipants sorted using the default sorting logic
membersThe list of call members
screenSharingSessionIf someone is screensharing, it will be available here
recordingBoolean if the call is being recorded or not
blockedUsersThe users who are blocked from this call
ringingStateFor ringing calls we expose additional state
settingsThe settings for this call
ownCapabilitiesWhich actions you have permission to do
hasPermissionfunction for checking if you have a certain permission
capabilitiesByRoleWhat different roles (user, admin, moderator etc.) are allowed to do
permissionRequestsIf there are active permission requests
backstageIf a call is in backstage mode or not
broadcastingIf a call is broadcasting (to HLS) or not
createdAtWhen the call was created
updatedAtWhen the call was updated
startsAtWhen the call is scheduled to start
endedAtWhen the call ended
endedByUserUser who ended the call
customCustom data on the call
teamTeam that the call is restricted to. Default to null.
createdByWho created the call
ingressIf there is an active ingress session to this call. IE if you're sending RTMP into the call
reactionsList of reactions this call received
errorsAny errors we've encountered during this call

Participant State

The ParticipantsState is the most essential component used to render a participant in a call. It contains all of the information to render a participant, such as audio & video renderers, availabilities of audio & video, the screen sharing session, reactions, and etc. Here's how you iterate over the participants:

// all participants
val participants: StateFlow<List<ParticipantState>> = call.state.participants
coroutineScope.launch {
participants.collectLatest { participants ->
// ..

// all participants in Jetpack Compose
val participants: List<ParticipantState> by call.state.participants.collectAsState()
participants.forEach { participantState ->
// ..

// you
val me: StateFlow<ParticipantState?> =

In Jetpack Compose, you can observe the ParticipantsState and render videos like the example below:

// all participants
val participants by call.state.participants.collectAsState()

LazyColumn {
items(items = participants, key = { it.sessionId }) { participant ->
ParticipantVideo(call = call, participant = participant)

// you
val me by

call = call,
participant = me

The following fields are available on the participant

userThe user object for this participant
videoThe video object for this participant
audioThe participant's audio object
screenSharingThe screensharing object
joinedAtWhen this participant joined
audioLevelHow loudly this user is talking. Float
audioLevelsA list of the last 10 audio levels. Convenient for audio visualizations
speakingIf the user is speaking
connectionQualityThe participant's connection quality
dominantSpeakerIf this participant is the dominant speaker or not
lastSpeakingAtWhen this user last spoke (used for sorting in some apps)

Client State

// client state is available on the client object
val state = client.state

And contains these fields:

userThe user you're currently authenticated as
connectionThe connection state. See ConnectionState
activeCallThe call you've currently joined
ringingCallContains the call if you're calling someone or someone is calling you

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