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This page describes additional steps required when building for the Android platform.


  • Install Android Module in Unity HUB
  • Change the target platform to Android in Unity Editor (File -> Build Settings -> Platform)

You can check Unity Docs for detailed information on setting up the project for Android development. Please note that setting up the Keystore Manager is only required when you intend to publish the app; you can skip this step when testing the app on your local device only.

Build Settings requirements

Go to "File -> Build Settings -> Player Settings"

  • Set Scripting Backend to IL2CPP (Other Settings -> Scripting Backend)
  • Set Target Architectures to ARM64 and disable ARMv7 (Other Settings -> Target Architectures)
  • Set Require for the Internet Access option
  • Set the Android API Level to 23 or higher (Other Settings -> Identification -> Minimum API Level)

Stream's Video & Audio SDK internally uses Unity's webRTC library, following the exact requirements and limitations. For more information, please refer to Unity's webRTC package documentation.

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