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Querying Calls

For many video calling, livestream or audio rooms apps you'll want to show:

  • Upcoming calls
  • Calls that are currently live
  • Popular livestreams/audio rooms with a link to the recording

The SDK makes it easy to query calls

Example Queries

Calls that are about to start

// Filter calls that will start in 3 hours and include me
var filters = new List<IFieldFilterRule>

// Order them by how soon they start
var result = await _client.QueryCallsAsync(filters, CallSort.OrderByAscending(CallSortField.StartsAt), limit: 25);

Calls filters on a custom property

// Filter calls by custom property. For example you can attach a "tag" property to a call and get calls that contain any of the provided tags 
var filters = new List<IFieldFilterRule>
CallFilter.Custom("tag").In("xbox", "ps", "switch"),

// Order them by how soon they start
var sort = CallSort.OrderByAscending(CallSortField.StartsAt);

var result = await _client.QueryCallsAsync(filters, sort, limit: 25);

Pagination The query response is paginated and the maximum count of items is defined by the limit parameter. Use the prev and next parameters from the last response as parameters for requesting the next page.

var filters = new List<IFieldFilterRule>

var result = await _client.QueryCallsAsync(filters, CallSort.OrderByDescending(CallSortField.CreatedAt), limit: 25);

// queried calls, depending on how many calls satisfy the filter this can be only a subset or a single "page" of results
var members = result.Calls;

// In order to get the next "page" of results, use this token as a "next" argument in the QueryCallsAsync method
var next = result.Next;

// In order to get the previous "page" of results, use this token as a "prev" argument in the QueryCallsAsync method
var prev = result.Prev;

Fields for Query Calls

You can filter on the following fields

typeThe call type. Typically default, livestream etc
idThe id for this call
cidThe cid for this call. IE default:123
created_by_user_idThe user id who created the call
created_atWhen the call was created
updated_atWhen the call was updated
starts_atWhen the call starts at
ended_atWhen the call ended
backstageIf the call is in backstage mode or not
membersCheck if you are a member of this call
customYou can query custom data using the "custom.myfield" syntax

Sorting is supported on these fields below:

  • starts_at
  • created_at
  • updated_at
  • ended_at
  • type
  • id
  • cid

If you specify watch the SDK will automatically keep the data about these calls updated. This allows you to show a live preview of who's in the call.

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