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  1. Open Unity's Package Manager by selecting from the top bar Window -> Package Manager. Open Unity's Package Manager
  2. Click the + button in the top left corner and select the Add package from git URL...Select "add package from git URL..."
  3. Paste in the following url and click the Add button:

Select "add package from git URL..."

After the package import is complete, Stream's Video SDK for Unity should be available in your project.

Using a specific SDK version

We recommend always using the most recent version of the SDK. However, in rare cases, you may want to use a particular version of the SDK. In such case, you need to append the # symbol, followed by the version number, to the package URL as shown below:

Here, the version v0.5.0 will be imported, even if a newer version is available.

You can find all available versions on our Releases page.


Importing the package with a version defined will lock this version indefinitely. The Update button in Unity's package manager will not update the package, and the only way to upgrade will be to remove the package and add it again without the version suffix.

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