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Reactions & Custom Events

You can send reactions to your call very easily with the code below:

await streamCall.SendReactionAsync("like");

You can also add custom data to the reaction or specify a specific emoji.

await streamCall.SendReactionAsync(type: "like", emojiCode: ":like:",
customData: new Dictionary<string, object>()
// Put any parameters you want
{ "position", new Vector2(100, 200) }

Custom data is of type Dictionary<string, object> meaning that you can pass any amount of parameters of your type. As long as it can be serialized to JSON string.

Custom Events

You can also send custom events to which you can implement your own handlers.

await streamCall.SendCustomEventAsync(new Dictionary<string, object>
// Put any parameters you want
{ "type", "epic_event" },
{ "some_number", 50 },
{ "tags", new string[] { "ninja", "cat" } }

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