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Version: v5


OverlayContext is provided by OverlayProvider component. If you are not familiar with React Context API, please read about it on React docs.

Basic Usage

OverlayContext can be consumed by any of the child component of OverlayProvider component as following:

import { useContext } from 'react';
import { OverlayContext } from 'stream-chat-react-native';

const { setOverlay } = useContext(OverlayContext);

Alternatively, you can also use useOverlayContext hook provided by library to consume OverlayContext.

import { useOverlayContext } from 'stream-chat-react-native';

const { setOverlay } = useOverlayContext();



Current active overlay. Overlay gets rendered in following cases

  • 'alert' - For delete message confirmation alert box
  • 'gallery' - When image viewer/gallery is opened
  • 'message' - When message overlay is opened by long pressing a message
  • 'none' - Default value
enum('alert', 'gallery', 'message', 'none')


Setter for overlay. You can use this setter to show the overlay.

(overlay) => void

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