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Version: v5

Upgrading from V4

This guide highlights the changes introduced from v4 to v5.

Prop or Context Changes

The following values in ImageGalleryContext have been renamed:

  • image -> selectedMessage
  • setImage -> setSelectedMessage
  • images -> messages
  • setImages -> setMessages

Dependency Changes

Remove stream-chat dependency (when applicable)

If you have installed stream-chat dependency explicitly on your application, then please make sure you remove it. Our Chat SDK (stream-chat-react-native) has stream-chat as a dependency (not peer dependency). Therefore, having stream-chat in your app's package.json is discouraged and will probably cause random issues that will disturb the chat functionalities.

yarn remove stream-chat

Unique Chat Component Instance

Until v4, you could provide a separate Chat component for each usage of Channel component or ChannelList component. But from v5, you must provide only one instance of the Chat component within your application. This component needs to be a parent for all the chat-related components such as ChannelList, Channel or Thread.

Enable Offline Support

To enable offline support please check the Offline Support guide.

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