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Version: v5

Listening for Events

As soon as you call watchChannel on a Channel or queryChannels, the SDK will start receiving events to stay up to date with changes. You can hook into specific events:

val chatClient = ChatClient.instance()
val channelClient ="messaging", "general")
// Subscribe for new message events
val disposable: Disposable = channelClient.subscribeFor<NewMessageEvent> { newMessageEvent ->
val message = newMessageEvent.message
// Dispose when you want to stop receiving events

As an example, let's see how you can close the chat screen when the currently logged-in user is removed from the channel. You need to subscribe for NotificationRemovedFromChannelEvent events which are triggered when a user is removed from the list of channel members. If the removed user matches the currently logged-in user, you should dismiss the screen.

class ChatFragment : Fragment() {
override fun onViewCreated(view: View, savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {
super.onViewCreated(view, savedInstanceState)
// Setup chat screen components
val chatClient = ChatClient.instance()
val channelClient ="messaging", "general")
channelClient.subscribeFor<NotificationRemovedFromChannelEvent>(viewLifecycleOwner) { event ->
val removedUserId =
val currentUserId = chatClient.getCurrentUser()?.id
if (removedUserId == currentUserId) {
// Close the current chat screen as the current user has been removed

In the example above you navigate away from the Fragment by calling OnBackPressedDispatcher::onBackPressed when the event is received. Notice that you don't need to dispose the subscription manually as you pass viewLifecycleOwner as a parameter and the subscription will be automatically canceled when the Fragment's view is destroyed.

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