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Version: v3


Understanding Setup For stream_chat_flutter

Add dependency

First, you need to add the stream_chat_flutter dependency to your pubspec.yaml.

You can either run this command:

flutter pub add stream_chat_flutter


Add this line in the dependencies section of your pubspec.yaml after substituting latest version:

stream_chat_flutter: ^latest_version

You can find the package details on

Details On Platform Support

stream_chat_flutter was originally created for Android and iOS mobile platforms. As Flutter matured, support for additional platforms was added and the package now has experimental support for web and desktop as detailed here.

However, platforms other than mobile may have additional constraints due to not supporting all plugins, which will be addressed by the respective plugin creators over time.

Setup: iOS

The library uses flutter file picker plugin to pick files from the os. Follow this wiki to fulfill iOS requirements.

We also use video_player to reproduce videos. Follow this guide to fulfill the requirements.

To pick images from the camera, we use the image_picker plugin. Follow these instructions to check the requirements.

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