Updating Channel Members

LAST EDIT May 21 2024

Adding & Removing Channel Members


Using the addMembers() method adds the given users as members, while removeMembers() removes them.

Note: You can only add/remove up to 100 members at once.

Message parameter


You can optionally include a message object that client-side SDKs will use to populate a system message. This works for both add and remove members

Hide history


When members join a channel you can specify if they have access to the history or not. The history will be shown by default, set true to hide_history parameter to hide it for new members.

Leaving a channel


It is possible for user to leave the channel without moderator-level permissions. Make sure channel members have Leave Own Channel permission.

You can familiarize yourself with all permissions in Permissions section

Adding & Removing Moderators to a Channel


Using the addModerators() method adds the given users as moderators (or updates their role to moderator if already members), while demoteModerators() removes the moderator status.

These operations can only be performed server-side and up to 100 moderators can be added or removed at once.