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Version: v4


React Navigation Docs

Our tutorials, guides and sample apps are all using React Navigation. We recommend using it in order to provide better support for all the use cases displayed.

Gesture Handler Docs

React Native Gesture Handler is used inside of our SDK on our channels and messages lists. Also used on our gallery, chat buttons, and reactions overlay.

Markdown Lib Docs

React Native Markdown Package is used to render markdown on our messages.

Reanimated Lib Docs

React Native Reanimated is used to create our own beautiful custom animations in our gallery, attachment picker, message actions/reactions and loading indicators/skeletons.

Day.js Docs

We are using Day.js to manipulate, customize, parse and display dates through the app. You may want to use it when creating you own custom components.

React Native SVG

React Native SVG is one of our peer dependencies. We use it to render icons and a couple of small indicators through the app.

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