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Version: v5 (beta)

Message interactions

Users can interact with the messages in the message list. The following table provides a list of possible interactions together with the necessary capabilities and the corresponding components:

DescriptionNecessary channel capabilityComponent
Flags the given messageflag-messageMessageActionsBox
Edits a message that belongs to the userupdate-own-message or update-any-messageMessageActionsBox
Edits any messageupdate-any-messageMessageActionsBox
Deletes a message that belongs to the userdelete-own-message or delete-any-messageMessageActionsBox
Deletes any messagedelete-any-messageMessageActionsBox
Send reaction to a messagesend-reactionMessageReactions
Receive read eventsread-eventsMessage
Reply to a message in a threadsend-replyMessage
Quote reply to a messagequote-messageMessageActionsBox
Mark a message as unreadread-eventsMessageActionsBox

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