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Version: v5 (beta)

Upgrade from v3

About version 4

Version 4 of stream-chat-angular brings a new and improved theming system. To use the new system please refer to our new theming guide.


The old theme can still be used with the latest SDK versions however, you might need to update your custom CSS as some changes were introduced to theme-v1.

Updating from theme-v1 to theme-v2 will require to rewrite your custom CSS code as the new theme has a new variable system, and all the components were restructured.

Theme-v1 is now deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

Thread layout

Previously you had to provide a selector for the message list and message input component projected inside the thread component.

<stream-thread name="thread">

You don't need to provide those selectors anymore, anything inside the content part of stream-thread HTML element will be projected inside the thread component:

<stream-thread name="thread">
<stream-message-list mode="thread"></stream-message-list>
<stream-message-input mode="thread"></stream-message-input>

Providing the selector won't cause a problem, but it's unnecessary.

device-width module was removed

The device-width utility module was removed. If you rely on this code inside your chat application, you'll have to update your code.

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