Push Templates in v2

LAST EDIT Jul 19 2024

Templates in v2


In v2, template functionality is partially dropped to simplify configurations:

  1. Standard template, there is nothing to configure

  2. By default, data payload size is limited to 4KB. Data is enriched automatically
  3. Offline storage is synced under the hood for more performant experience

  4. Templates have a steep learning curve and are hard to use and they have their own quirks such as a lack of advanced programming constructs

SDKs receive a standard payload and enrich it by calling API and syncing their storage then they pass data to the user to be used in their familiar environment.

It works well for native platforms but has some deficiencies for non-native SDKs such as React Native and Flutter. In this case, a limited version of templating is supported because the app isn't woken up to process notifications if it has been killed by OS or user.

Default Firebase APN template


Following is the default template if you leave apn_template or firebase_apn_template empty. To see definition of available fields that can be included in aps object please see Apple documentation.

Updating Firebase APN template


Default Firebase Notification template


By default, there is only a data message and no notification in the payload.

If a template is set, then the template will be processed and put into the notification key in the payload. To see available fields and their description please follow FCM documentation.

Following is a sample template for an example:

Updating Firebase Notification template